Finding a name for this internet site/blog was at first harder than I thought. After all it has sense to name it in the way people will immediately recognise what the page is all about. But honestly, I found all those combinations with the word “travel” boring, especially since there are soooo many travel blogs out there. And then I remembered one moment and directly knew – this is it! I have the name!

The story of that moment goes like this:

Staring at the world map hanging in our then 2-year old son´s room I said to him: “We are soon flying to Morocco!” and in order to get his full attention I continued mentioning we might swim in the ocean, play in the red desert sand and see some camels.

Suddenly he interrupted me and enthusiastically said we will also see elephants, and giraffes and tigers and huge garbage trucks. And that we will eat lots of chocolate and apparently grandparents were also to come with us on the trip. He sounded so excited and in his own world that I did not have the heart to tell him the harsh truth about the natural habitats of all those animals he just named. Instead I kept on giggling and saying “maybe” to all of his plans.

That afternoon he proudly told our neighbours we were going to “Malokoko” to see the tigers. The confusion on their faces was understandable, but for Lu it was clear – we were off to this magical place where all good things come together.

It seems to me that us adults somehow manage to lose the sense of wonder and imagination while getting older and growing up – that´s why seeing the world through a child´s eyes can be very inspiring. And sometimes funny :).

I took the name “Malokoko” because it means something to me and it will always remind me of that funny chat we had in Lu´s room. And every time we find ourselves on a nice spot somewhere in the world we joke that we´ve found our “Malokoko” – a wonderful place where, where all good things come together ;). And we will continue to find as much of such places as we can – and write all about it!

As you see the name is far from letting anyone know what the page is all about, but hey, at least it´s original ;).

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