about me_text Hi, I´m Kat. A mom, a hobby photographer and an incorrigible daydreamer who loves to travel ever since early years. I was born and raised in Slovenia, a tiny beautiful country in the heart of Europe, but been living in Germany with my own little family for the past four years.

We visit Slovenia 2 -3 times a year, usually around New Years, in the summer (when we also spend some days on the Croatian coast, especially since we have Lu) and possibly one more time in between, for a wedding, a birthday or just like that. We make one to two bigger trips in a year and explore Germany on the weekends (well, at least when the weather allows us).


dnevniki vsi2I have been writing travel journals since I was about 18 and always enjoyed doing it. The idea of writing a blog did cross my mind a few times already, but I was never quite sure if I want to put my thoughts in the open. Honestly, I´m still not quite sure, but lets give it a try and see how it feels! Regardless of what happens with this page I find handwritten journals great and will most probably never give up writing them. You can always sketch in those and stick various things inside. Plus, its more personal than a blog. I guess at writing a blog you always double check what you wrote and then still hesitate a bit before you click the “post it” button. Or is that just me? Well I´ll find out soon enough. I will do my best to keep the page up to date on English and on Slovenian – for now i do not have the currage to write on German just yet, but maybe some day.


travel thought

Careless summer days in Croatia, winter skiing holidays, hiking trips and discovering Europe in between. Pretty cool childhood I must say. By the time I was 20 we´ve also travelled around many countries in Asia, Africa, America and Australia together with my parents. Without travel agencies – therefore we could always decide on our own where we want to go next. I don´t know if there is such a thing as a “travel gene” or do I just like it because we were often on the move, but in any case we can blame my parents 😉 Thanks Mom and Dad, you did everything right!



The “maybe existing travel gene” just might have been successfully passed on to our son and until he is old enough to decide on his own, he will just have to come with us! Travelling with children is for sure much different than travelling solo, but hey once you have children everything is different anyway. So if you are scared that after the children come you can never travel again – wrong! They are much more adaptable to new circumstances than you think. So go on, try it out for yourself and you will not regret it!

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  1. hugo

    hi there,
    I have found your blog and am especially interested in Slovenia, as we wish to spend a week there in the mountains.
    I’m thinking Kranjska gora, but places to stay dont seem as nice as around the soca valley.
    Bled while it is a place we will visit looks a little bot touristy,
    if you can offer any tips as you seem to be the best person I’ve found on line to ask.
    thanks in advance and I have enjoyed reading some of your blog

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