I´m quite sure most of you are able to see where this post is going to just by paying attention to its title. Staring at this blank page for the 14th minute without hitting a letter and thinking about whether I should even write about the events in the last couple of weeks or not is probably just a reflection of my current indecisiveness about what I should / could do with the rest of my life.

April used to be one of my favourite months in Germany.

It always felt a bit like a new beginning, everything turning green and the sun had some powers again. Usually we used the free weekends for little trips and we sat outside in T-shirts for the first time that year. And now, just as the rapeseed fields were starting to turn bright yellow, all this excitement over the upcoming weekends, holidays and little trips has become as meaningless as it could get. This year, instead of daydreaming of nice moments ahead of us, I am crying over the ones which will never happen again.

This blog has always been about travelling & everything what comes with it and I usually don´t share any personal life details beyond our holidays, but in this case i feel I cannot really avoid it. Let´s just keep it short and informative – we are getting a divorce.

Yes, WE are. We who have gotten through some really challenging situations so far, we who made all these amazing holidays, we who simply loved each other´s humour, we who made lots of sacrifices to make this happen, we who have built a life together. A nice life. A family. A home. We, who now are letting this all go and are starting a new chapter. A chapter that doesn´t involve many things we had now. We are most probably never ever sitting in a plane together again, planning a road trip to Scandinavia or go hiking on the weekends. You get the picture.

Floating in a bubble of sadness, disappointment, hope, anger, love, desperation, wonderful memories and also a tiny little feeling of freedom, my head feels like exploding from all this sudden emotions. But despite all this confusion, there are some important decisions to be made. Soon. About where and when and how.

As of travelling and holidays is concerned – it´s just going to be Lu and me now. It will be different, it will be more expensive, it might be more risky. But as we experienced recently on our trip to Asia, we can totally do this!

In this spirit of changes, new beginnings and rearrangements, I am giving this page a bit of a make over as well. I will not be erasing old photos or something like that – those are precious memories and I want to keep them just as they are. Even though I might never completely understand this decision, I have to move on…

…and in the end there is no great regret, no great grudge, no great hate. I will find a way not to let these things stop me on the way to a happy new life. What ever that will be. But giving up travelling just because there is no man in the picture is out of the question! I´m taking this as a great new beginning! With the best little man on my side :).


Time out time

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Sometimes in this modern world of electronic appliances it is even more so important to just disconnect from all that media and re-connect with the reality more. It´s not an easy thing to do, but there comes a time when it makes sense to do so. I think I just hit that period and so I´m taking some time off from writing and will collect some inspiration in the mean time. Sun is shining outside and there are other more important things occupying my mind right now. This of course doesn´t mean I´ll stop it completely, I´ll surely be back – I love writing! It´s just a time out. 5 minutes for me.

HONG KONG – what to see and do in 5 days


We started and ended our recent trip to Asia with our two 5-year old boys in Hong Kong. Visiting Hong Kong as a mom with a child was super easy and not a problem at all, it was just as any other big city. I liked it quite a lot and I´m glad we got to spent that many days – we really got a good impression. The thing that stayed in my memory the most are the contrasts – walking down the night market one evening was so different to walking through a modern shopping centre the next day. So, what did we do and what we think you should not miss on doing during your visit? Read more 😉

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Everyone said it to me before we left, and I can totally agree now – HONG KONG IS ALL ABOUT FOOD & MARKETS! Okay, there are also other things, but you simply cannot ignore all these yummy snacks and markets. Remember to BRING CASH & BARGAINING SKILLS, dont´t forget to check the OPENING HOURS of the markets and bring a printed MAP (or install an APP on your phone). Sometimes it´s easy to get lost at those small streets. Oh yes, and put on some COMFORTABLE SHOES! Here´s a list of some of the markets we found the most interesting 😉

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a weekend in: MACAU


As soon as I booked our plane tickets to HONG KONG (an onwards to the Philippines) it was clear we wanted to see Macau as well. Initially we were thinking about a day trip from HK, but then decided to spent the first 2 nights here – this turned out to be a great idea and gave us the chance to experience the city also in the evening when millions of lights turn it into a real “ASIAN LAS VEGAS”. Macau was not a super beautiful city I would say, but it sure was interesting and this UNIQUE MIX OF PORTUGUESE ARCHITECTURE  and CHINESE CULTURE is surely one of a kind. Read more about how we spent our short visit before we continued our trip on to Hong Kong.

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our blog is 2 years old today!

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Today is a special day – exactly 2 years ago I published my first post on this page and it´s been a nice time together ever since. Still, after 2 years I can say I am writing mostly for myself which was my goal at the very beginning. I always loved keeping memories, writing journals and saving all sorts of tickets and notes. In addition I also have a passion for sketching and photography (although I am far from being a pro, it´s just a hobby). And writing this blog has given me the best possible opportunity to combine all these.

I´m happy to see that in these two years there are quite a lot of you who read what I write on a regular basis ;). Right now there are over 2000 followers on Facebook, over 500 on Instagram and the numbers of all who have signed up for our Newsletter are also going up every month. I guess over 10.000 monthly page views with visitors from all sides of the world is an okay number as well. Not that I´m into numbers and statistics too much, but I think the number of monthly viewers is something every blogger is curious about. Recently, I have also paid more attention to Pinterest and have updated some posts with pins. This all of course is encouraging and even though I am primarily writing for myself, I cannot deny it feels good to know that people (who are not your mother or grandmother ha ha) enjoy reading, find the content useful and sometimes also funny.

insta pics

In the last year I have also written a couple of guest posts for other travel related blogs and internet pages, my photos (mostly those taken in Croatia and Slovenia) have been included in several travel articles on international travel blog pages, I have also done a couple of collaboration posts with other bloggers. It was my pleasure meeting some of the best Slovenian travel bloggers in person last year, it´s always nice to be surrounded by & connected with people who share the same interests. I also spent some time to change & update the design of the internet page and have also learned so much while doing that.

All this does take much of my free time, especially because the blog is bilingual. So, by finishing one post the “work” is not done, as I want to publish it on English as well. Actually, to be honest, I usually start writing on English and then translate it to Slovenian, which is my mother language. Kind of strange but ever since a couple of years while living abroad I seem to have forgotten some Slovenian words and feel more comfortable writing on English. Despite this, I will never stop writing on Slovenian as this is probably the strongest connection I have to my home country right now!

Anyhow, as one post can take several hours to write, sometimes even days, it is always nice to see some positive feedback. And at this “anniversary” I really want to thank all of you who take your precious time for reading it, for commenting, liking, sharing and sending me emails with positive thoughts! x


BACKPACKING with kids – how to pack?


1 mum, 1 son, 3 destinations, 18 days, 1 big backpack, 1 smaller one and a kids one. There was 15-20C in Hong Kong & Macau, over 30C in the Philippines and under 0C at home when we left. Meaning we had to pack a little bit of everything – light jackets, long sleeves, but also flip flops and swimsuits. How did we manage to pack all that and more into just those 3 baggage items? Easy peasy!

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Philippines impressions


Now that we´ve already spent quite some days on the Philippines we are able to share our first impressions with you. We had a great time in Anda, Bohol island, which was really peaceful and relaxing. The kids were running up and down the empty white sandy beach and jumping in the pool, competing who can swim longer, dive deeper and jump higher ;). After that we moved to the famous Alona beach on Panglao island, which is connected to Bohol with a bridge. It was far more busy here, with lots of shops, restaurants, tour agencies and and and. It had a bit of a party scene character, which was okay for a day or two, but then we had enough and decided to move on. Snorkeling and cold beers with grilled corn while watching sunsets were our highlight in Alona.

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busy, busier, Hong Kong!

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Seems to me, Hong Kong is all about its people, food and city views! If I had to describe it with one word, it would probably be “busy”. It´s one of those cities where you could just people-watch for hours and would not get bored. There are the locals wearing winter boots, the ex-pat business(wo)men rushing down the escalators at lunch break, the stay-at-home mums in flip-flops with 2-3 kids at playgrounds and parks, the babysitters, the 80+ joggers in parks, the rich ones and the less fortunate ones and of course, the tourists from all over the world. It´s kind of real Asia, but then again, kind of London. It´s a kind of “street food skewers meets Starbucks” feeling. Which is great! You can really have and do what ever you like, there is something for everyone, no matter the status of your bank account. And when a friendly Vietnamese mommy of a 2-month old daughter starts speaking German to Lu, you know Hong Kong is multi-kulti at its best!

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Nei hou Macau!

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Finally here! 1 hour to the airport, 2 hours of waiting, flight from Hanover to London, another 6 hours of waiting (kids playgrounds on airports are such great idea and besides, it was nice to have a good old English pint after a year since our last London visit), almost 12 hrs of flying and an hour long ferry ride from Hong Kong airport and we were finally in Macau. This ferry turned out to be a great thing because we avoided the airport immigration queues and went straight to the ferry – our backpacks were automatically transported to the ferry as well. In Macau we used this amazing free shuttle service that many hotels have. Ours did not have it, but there was no problem in taking the one from a hotel next door ;).

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