What? You´re going all alone?

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This question has been following me for the last couple of weeks. And considering the fact I have realised I have not written anything in months (yxkćblekžnfidn!), this might be the time to do it. So. The answer is, no, I´m not going all alone. I´m going with the best possible little traveller. With one that can be more durable than so many big ones. Luckily. Many supportive messages have flown into my inbox lately (thank you guys, you know who you are), but of course there have been also some less encouraging ones. Thanks also to those – you made me write something after a long time.

All alone with a small kid? Won´t it be too dangerous? Too expensive? What if something happens? And if someone gets sick? Aren`t there still cannibals? Oh Well.

It will most certainly be expensive, but as always – where there is will, there is a way! Going down the stairs to the basement can also be dangerous and I crossmyfingers no one will get sick. Are we afraid? Alright, we are a bit. At least me. Kids are anyway fearless or they don´t know exactly what is coming. But it´s a good dose of fear, just enough to get some adrenaline running.

How do we dare to do this? Easy. The same as we dare to be all alone like this every day. At home. And to be honest, it´s been perfectly fine like this, all alone. You won´t believe it, be we also go all alone to buy our weekly groceries, we go all alone camping for the week end, we go all alone on a plane. We also swear all alone in the car when someone is driving to slow on the Autobahn and we visit the doctor all alone if we have to! Every morning we go all alone to work and to the kindergarten. So why not go all alone travelling somewhere far away? It will be just like at home (minus the annoying alarm clock at 6:15 in the morning and plus a fairly dose of sun and sea).

So. We are going all alone somewhere far away. As far as we can go. With the finger through the globe. To the other side of the world.

It´s not like we are running away. Okay maybe we are a little bit. One last time before school starts next year. And for as long as it is possible at the moment. 2 and a half months. Would have been great to do it for a whole year though. Maybe some other time. And of course we could not miss the chance of coming home first. To Slovenia. To ski. And say hello to family and friends. To eat and drink. To admire our beautiful mountains and smell the Adriatic sea for the last time this year. Before we replace the winter gloves and scarves with flip flops and bikinis. And sit on a big plane at Munich airport. And then the next one in Singapore. And then the next 14 smaller ones. Just the two of us. Me and Lu. All alone!

THE PHILIPPINES – mom & son backpacking trip | Cebu, Bohol, Siquijor, Negros


It just so happened that Lu´s dad and me were not able to synchronize our holiday days for this year´s spring time and I decided already long time ago to take Lu on OUR FIRST MOM 6 SON ADVENTURE outside of Europe. Little did we know that THIS WAS JUST ONE OF THE MANY TO FOLLOW, hopefully. I am extremely happy we went on this trip because I now know, after Gin and I separated, that I am totally able to do this SINGLE PARENT TRAVELLING. And I bet the Philippines are not one of the easiest countries to try this out, but we made it! And we had fun! A friend and her 5-year old son decided to join us, so we went together and it was quite practical at times as Lu had someone his age to play with. We had a nice trip despite the fact we were quite UNLUCKY WITH THE WEATHER in the second week and had to change plans a bit. There were also a couple of things we did not like and not having Lu´s dad beside us did feel a bit strange at times, but we better get used to this now ;). Read more about what we did and where we went!

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THÜRINGEN – 4 days camping road trip


Not so long ago, it was still kind of planned that we pack up our “summer clothes” and drive off to SYLT – a German island I´ve been really eager to visit ever since I moved over here. But then, well, as we by now probably all know, plans changed. It would have been a long drive by myself and besides, we had no reservation. So, plan B was CAMPING WITH LU, for the very first time! Well, I`ve done it often enough before to feel comfortable sleeping in a tent. Since we conveniently paired up with friends who live on the other side of the country – it was obvious we would meet somewhere half way. And there was THÜRINGEN. We´ve only always just driven through parts of this German state, when going to Slovenia and all I knew a bout it actually was that there are nice forests.

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Bad Pyrmont – a perfect Spa getaway


The second weekend in May was approaching and it was still rather cold and rainy in Germany. Despite that, we took our chances and booked one of the last remaining free hotel rooms in Bad Pyrmont, a SPA TOWN just about 2hrs drive from where we live in Germany. My mom was visiting and this short trip felt like a good idea. And it was – we had full sunshine the whole Saturday, Sunday wasn´t so bad as well, but we decided to head home a bit earlier and enjoy lunchtime on our home terrace. Anyway, if you´re looking for a place to relax and enjoy beautiful parks with a Mediterranean touch, this is a perfect place to do it over here in Germany!

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SAXON SWITZERLAND national park – a German hiking & climbing paradise


In the beginning of May Lu and me decided to visit this park together with my parents who were just visiting from Slovenia, despite the fact that we were initially supposed to go as a family of three – which we were not anymore. Still, this was no reason to sit in a corner and cry all the time. Getting out of the house, exploring something new and catching some fresh air was wonderful. After STOPPING IN DRESDEN FOR A DAY on the way to the park, we spent 2 nights in an apartment in a little town called GOHRISCH and went on a few hikes. We were really surprised how nice the park was and I can most definitely say that it´s ONE OF MY FAVOURITE GERMAN NATIONAL PARKS I´ve been to! Read more and check out the photos to see what I´m talking about ;).

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a weekend in: DRESDEN


This year´s 1st of May came conveniently on a Monday, which meant we had a longer weekend without taking a day off work. Already a couple of months ago we decided to head to the wonderful SACHSEN SWITZERLAND NATIONAL PARK and possibly make a stop in Dresden on the way, as I´ve never been there yet. Due to our separation a month before, we had to reorganise the whole thing a bit, but Lu & me decided to go despite everything that just happened – with my parents! It was a bit strange as it was the first little trip without dad, but still, it was nice and we went lucky with the weather. We made a STOP IN DRESDEN FOR A DAY and loved it! The city is really beautiful and I think you should plan in at least 2-3 days to get the best out of your visit. But one day is enough to get some impressions. Read more about our day visit!

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I´m quite sure most of you are able to see where this post is going to just by paying attention to its title. Staring at this blank page for the 14th minute without hitting a letter and thinking about whether I should even write about the events in the last couple of weeks or not is probably just a reflection of my current indecisiveness about what I should / could do with the rest of my life.

April used to be one of my favourite months in Germany.

It always felt a bit like a new beginning, everything turning green and the sun had some powers again. Usually we used the free weekends for little trips and we sat outside in T-shirts for the first time that year. And now, just as the rapeseed fields were starting to turn bright yellow, all this excitement over the upcoming weekends, holidays and little trips has become as meaningless as it could get. This year, instead of daydreaming of nice moments ahead of us, I am crying over the ones which will never happen again.

This blog has always been about travelling & everything what comes with it and I usually don´t share any personal life details beyond our holidays, but in this case i feel I cannot really avoid it. Let´s just keep it short and informative – we are getting a divorce.

Yes, WE are. We who have gotten through some really challenging situations so far, we who made all these amazing holidays, we who simply loved each other´s humour, we who made lots of sacrifices to make this happen, we who have built a life together. A nice life. A family. A home. We, who now are letting this all go and are starting a new chapter. A chapter that doesn´t involve many things we had now. We are most probably never ever sitting in a plane together again, planning a road trip to Scandinavia or go hiking on the weekends. You get the picture.

Floating in a bubble of sadness, disappointment, hope, anger, love, desperation, wonderful memories and also a tiny little feeling of freedom, my head feels like exploding from all this sudden emotions. But despite all this confusion, there are some important decisions to be made. Soon. About where and when and how.

As of travelling and holidays is concerned – it´s just going to be Lu and me now. It will be different, it will be more expensive, it might be more risky. But as we experienced recently on our trip to Asia, we can totally do this!

In this spirit of changes, new beginnings and rearrangements, I am giving this page a bit of a make over as well. I will not be erasing old photos or something like that – those are precious memories and I want to keep them just as they are. Even though I might never completely understand this decision, I have to move on…

…and in the end there is no great regret, no great grudge, no great hate. I will find a way not to let these things stop me on the way to a happy new life. What ever that will be. But giving up travelling just because there is no man in the picture is out of the question! I´m taking this as a great new beginning! With the best little man on my side :).


Time out time

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Sometimes in this modern world of electronic appliances it is even more so important to just disconnect from all that media and re-connect with the reality more. It´s not an easy thing to do, but there comes a time when it makes sense to do so. I think I just hit that period and so I´m taking some time off from writing and will collect some inspiration in the mean time. Sun is shining outside and there are other more important things occupying my mind right now. This of course doesn´t mean I´ll stop it completely, I´ll surely be back – I love writing! It´s just a time out. 5 minutes for me.

HONG KONG – what to see and do in 5 days


We started and ended our recent trip to Asia with our two 5-year old boys in Hong Kong. Visiting Hong Kong as a mom with a child was super easy and not a problem at all, it was just as any other big city. I liked it quite a lot and I´m glad we got to spent that many days – we really got a good impression. The thing that stayed in my memory the most are the contrasts – walking down the night market one evening was so different to walking through a modern shopping centre the next day. So, what did we do and what we think you should not miss on doing during your visit? Read more 😉

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Everyone said it to me before we left, and I can totally agree now – HONG KONG IS ALL ABOUT FOOD & MARKETS! Okay, there are also other things, but you simply cannot ignore all these yummy snacks and markets. Remember to BRING CASH & BARGAINING SKILLS, dont´t forget to check the OPENING HOURS of the markets and bring a printed MAP (or install an APP on your phone). Sometimes it´s easy to get lost at those small streets. Oh yes, and put on some COMFORTABLE SHOES! Here´s a list of some of the markets we found the most interesting 😉

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