Hi, I´m Kat. Age doesn´t matter :). I love hot sunny days, road trips, camping, lakes & oceans and a good glass of wine. Not really a fan of animal theme parks, spiders in bedrooms and having wet feet at hiking. In the first place, this page is meant to keep some memories for when we are older, but we´re also happy to inspire others (especially single parents) to leave their comfort zones and go out there every now and then.

mom & son, currently living in Germany and spending our free time between mountains, deserts and oceans around the world


Hi, I´m Lu.I´m 6. I love swimming, ice cream, camping, fast cars and counting down the days untill my next birthday. Not really a fan of the cold wind, green lettuce and going to bed when it´s time for sleeping. I speak three languages and I like to mix them all in one sentence, just for fun. Even though I´m always excited about going away for holidays and happy to pack my own backpack, I also enjoy being at home playing with my toys.

Expensive, nightmare-like, dangerous… Impossible?

Hmmm, We don´t think so. Yes, travelling can be challenging at times. And yes, travelling with kids can be even more. And it sometimes pushes you to the borders and sucks you out of your comfort zone a little bit. Especially being a single parent. But it´s definitely not impossible and most importantly – it´s totally worth it in the end! For Lu & me it has become the best way to spend some quality free time together 🙂

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