LAKE FUSINE – a short trip from Kranjska Gora

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Last week, during our short visit to Slovenia, I spent two days in Kranjska Gora with friends. Amongst other things we visited these beautiful Italian lakes just a short drive from the border, Laghi di Fusine.

belopeska map

The two glacial lakes, Lakes Fusine (on Italian: Laghi di Fusine), are located near Tarvisio, close to Slovenian-Italian border and make a great short trip from Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, as it is just a 20 minute car drive. You can also reach the lakes with a bicycle – Gin and me did a cycling trip from Slovenia over to Tarvisio once and the last time we were at Lake Fusine was 5 years ago – I was pregnant and we were enjoying a huge piece of pie by the lower lake. This time without the belly and with a beer instead of pie, but the views were still just as spectacular as the last time!


There are two lakes, the higher and the lower one, which are separated by moraine. At the back you see the mighty Mangart mountain and the Julian Alps reflecting in the water surface. We walked around the first (lower) lake, which takes around half an hour with short photo stops. There are just a couple of minutes more driving and you reach the second lake.


The walking path around the first lake is quite easy – there are sections of wooden pathways and sections where you walk on roots in the forest. We met a few families going with strollers but they had to carry them most of the time so I would recommend bringing the backpack if your kids are too small to walk on their own.

belopeska 2011


A friend who was here for the first time mentioned this place reminds him of Canada and I have to say he might be right, it does look a bit alike!

belopeska 20162


You can also rent a smaller boat, take a canoe ride or use the SUP.

DSC_1774You cannot miss the bar/restaurant by the lake, which serves lunches, ice cream and drinks on a beautiful location. One terrace is built over the lake and the other one is covered in case of bad weather. If you prefer to bring your own food & drinks, there are many nice spots along the lake shores to make a stop.


If you still have enough time you can drive or cycle to the second lake – I prefer the views at the first one though, but the second one has a more of a “mountainous feeling” and there is also more space for a picnic and parking for caravans.


This is a great trip from Kranjska Gora on the Slovenian side which you can combine with a visit to Zelenci nature reserve, Planica ski jumps or lake Lago del Predil for instance. Maybe we´ll be visiting with the bikes next time!


LAGHI DI FUSINE - Fusine lakes in Italy are maybe less known, but therefore not less beautiful. We love going there!

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