our SUMMER 2016

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Summer is here and we´re slowly starting getting into “washing-packing-buying” mode – just a couple more days and we are off to our main summer holiday destination this year. It will be MUCH shorter than the years before, but as I say to comfort myself – better 10 days than nothing, right?!

summer 2016 map

We´re off to my home country Slovenia but only have like a day there – so, sorry friends no plans this year – one day in Ljubljana is all we have this time and then whatever happens happens, hope to see at least some of you!

The next day we´re driving to Zadar from where a ferry takes us to Dugi otok – a Croatian island in the Kornati National Park, located in northern Dalmatia. This is the first time in years that we are not going somewhere much more south, but somehow Dugi otok (which in translation means “long island”) was on the list for a long time already and it looks like it fits perfectly this year. After that Lu will be staying for a while longer and us two have to head back to Germany (work is calling and we´re saving holidays for bigger adventures coming up this year).

We are also spending a weekend in Salzburg later on, maybe in Bonn as well plus we´re getting a visit from friends – so despite the lack of a longer holiday, I don´t think we will get bored at home! And if the whole “only-10-days-in-the-south” summer scenario gets to me too much, I might take an extra week off in August to drive down to Slovenia with Lu again ;).

DSCN2444In the meantime we´ll be enjoying some bbq parties and jumping into the local pool on hopefully many warm summer days over here in Germany this season ;).

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