LIVING ABROAD – 5 things i miss the most!

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It just so happened that 5 years ago I landed in the place I am still today, northern Germany. Despite the fact that 15 years ago this would have been one of the last places I would consider moving to! Actually, I was never planning on moving somewhere, because I really liked it where I was. Ljubljana is a wonderful city and it was my home for sooo many years, most of my family and friends were close by, I had my favourite coffee place and favourite burek vendor. I never considered my home country to be boring or worth moving out of.

And yet, I did it and moved away – just like so many others in the recent years. It´s easier for some and harder for the others. It probably also depends on where, with whom and for how long you are leaving. But I bet that everyone of us has a few things we miss about our home country. Here are my TOP 5:

There´s only one family and true friends as well. And of course you miss them. Especially at the weekends or birthdays or when you could use a babysitter or when you simply wish to eat a proper lunch only grandma can make. And of course you meet lots of new friends, but it´s somehow not the same, at least at first. It´s nice to have all this technology we have nowadays to keep in touch, although I feel like it´s usually we who move out who are more into the whole keeping contacts idea :). It´s suddenly very important to us! The distance is always a good test for relationships – eventually you narrow it down to a bunch of really good friends, because when you visit 1-2x a year (or not even that) you don´t have time for everyone anyway even if you try really hard to see everybody!




Now here´s a thing you can´t buy! True that also in Slovenia the weather has been acting strangely the last years, but this here is sometimes… just horrible! When all the neighbours hide inside when there us 25C and when the school closes if there is 30C at 10 AM you are left in full confusion. But once you live here for a couple of years, you tend to understand such behaviour! In the winter they start scratching that 1 cm of snow off the road very early in the morning, because the pavement has to be all cleaned up by 9AM. Ahh the rules. I miss the unbearable heat and the unbearable cold! I miss sitting outside in September and swimming in the sea in May! So, yes, the weather. I don´t function good when there is lack of sun and that´s why I´m soooo looking forward every year when we drive off towards the sounth ;).




Sausages, beer, pretzels, cabbage, white asparagus and black bread – not really my kind of food (okaaay I do like beer). I remember that even in Asia (which food I simply love) I started missing potatoes after a few weeks. So I guess we always miss the things we know or are used to, doesn´t matter where in the world we end up living. That bite of something we know always brings back nice memories! And that´s why every time we get a visit from Slovenia my shelves and fridge are filled up with ajvar, home-grown vegetables, grandma´s potica cake, wine, home made pasta and tomato sauce, olive oil, a special kind of salad called the French salad in Slovenia and some other specialities from Ljubljana´s open market!

ljubljana 2013



From Ljubljana you can be at the sea in one hour, as well as in the mountains or in a neighbouring country! If you tell this to someone here, they all reply with: “sounds like a paradise!” And it is. I miss the mountains the most, which is rather surprising as I love the sea more. But I think it´s the fact that everywhere you drive in Slovenia (ok almost everywhere) there are mountains and hills to look at. And here you can drive for as long as 300 km and everything is still flat. So that feels strange, but luckily for us we have a national park “just around the corner” where I feel a bit like being on Pokljuka and we at least get a taste of the hilly landscape once in a while.





Last but not least – the atmosphere! Walking the streets in Ljubljana´s centre the possibility to run into someone you know is quite big and there seems to be always something going on – a festival, a concert, an art market or you find a new little gallery, a new bar which serves the craft beer you´ve never tasted yet. It often feels like the whole town would be outside having fun, cycling around, eating, drinking and laughing. In the summer months when the tourists attack the city, everything is full – the cafes, the restaurants, there is life everywhere. And nobody seems to be bothered with the fact that they have to go to work the next day – they just go, like nothing happened the evening before! That´s so great :).

lj summer 2014



And even though I have adopted my new home to some extend and I can also say that Germany of course has its advantages, I´m still really counting down the days to the point when we sit in the car and take that long drive towards the south! A little bit more and you´ll find me at Ljubljanica river with a cold Lasko beer or a glass of wine at Dvorni bar, can´t wait ;).

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