Monday´s special: TEUFELSMAUER

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If we knew how cool this place was we would have definitely visited it already long before, but for some reason we only discovered it this weekend. The whole Teufelsmauer (“the devils wall”) is around 20 km long and it stretches from Ballenstedt to Blankenburg. One can visit certain parts of this incredible sandstone rock formations and this time we decided to walk the 8-9 km loop from a village called Timmendorf to Blankenburg and back.

After about an hour drive from Braunschweig you take a turn towards Blankenburg where you can start the “Teufelsmauer Kammweg” walk. We chose to start the walk in Timmenrode which is a little bit further ahead. Once in Timmendorf, you can park the car at a bigger parking lot next to the local football field. From here, it´s just a short walk between the houses and after one time turning right, you are in the nature.

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If you start in Timmendorf your first stop will be the so called “Hamburger Wappen” rock, which will just blow you away. We saw some pictures online as we did the research but we were still surprised at how interesting it was. Not only the rocks, but also caves and tunnes, the views on the surrounding landscape are great – we only wished we came a few weeks prior when the rapeseed was blooming!



teufelsmauer 20162

From here, the path will take you through the woods and you will be accompanied by beautiful ferns and stone rocks all the way!


There are a few different ways you can take, they separate at one point and come together again, but in principle you can choose between a very easy way through the woods (not much views here, but it will get you very fast to Blankenburg), a more challenging way on top of the rocks where you sometimes have to make bigger steps and hold a rail here and there, and the third way which also goes on top but avoids these rails. We made this trip without Lu so of course we took the hardest way, which, to be honest, was really no big deal.

teufelsmauer 20161

Take some snacks with you – there are amazing spots to have a little picnic at! With great views 😉 Once you get closer to Blankenburg you can also spot its castle very clearly.



On the way you pass many points of interest, usually these are bigger rock formations and each has its name (“Granmother”, “Grandfather”…) so if you carry a small mal you can always know where you are. We did the loop way which meant we returned to Timmendorf taking the path through the woods. In Blankenburg we passed some really nice houses and a restaurant (the path turns before the town centre, but you could of course visit the town also if you have enough time) – some of the houses were also offering rooms for guests. There was also an adrenaline park, which looked like fun.

teufelsmauer 20163



Conclusion? If you live around here or are visiting Harz National Park, this is really something you should not miss! This important geological site certainly does not feel like being in Germany and especially not in the mostly flat area here in the north :). We will come again!


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