BLIND BOOKING – say hello to spontaneous travelling!

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Ever heard of “Blind booking”? No? Well, me also not just until recently. It´s been a growing trend in the US the last years and it´s now becoming more and more popular in Europe. My online research shows that Lufthansa and its daughter company Eurowings, are the only ones offering such flights in Europe so far. So, what´s the point of the whole thing? Long story short: you buy a ticket not knowing your final destination! How adventurous is that?! Read on if you are interested in how it looks like ;).

So, as said, the blind bookings are offered by Eurowings and Lufthansa (at LH they call it “Lufthansa Surprise”. They each have different destinations and prices of course – Eurowings being the cheaper option obviously. They both seem to have a similar booking concept which goes like this:

  • you pick your departure airport

  • you choose your category (each has their own, I have listed them below)

  • you put in the travel dates

  • you pay

  • you get an email in which it is stated where you are flying to!


Departure airports: Cologne-Bonn, Düsseldorf, Hanover, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin-Tegel and Vienna

Categories you can choose from:

  • Sun & beach (from 49.99 €)

  • Gay friendly (from 33€)

  • Party (from 33€)

  • Culture (from 33€)

  • Metropolis (from 33€)

  • Shopping (from 33€)

  • Nature, trekking & hiking (from 33€)


Departure airports: Frankfurt/Main, München

Categories you can choose from:

  • Nature (from 89 €)

  • Sun & sand (from 89 €)

  • Bromance (from 99 €)

  • Cities (from 99 €)

  • Sightseeing & culture (from 99 €)

  • Gourmet cuisine (from 99 €)

  • Partying (from 99 €)

  • Romance (from 99 €)

  • Shopping (from 99 €)

So, what happens if you are afraid to buy a ticket because you´ve just recently been somewhere and it might just so happen that you end up in the same place? No worries, for additional 5€ you can exclude a destination! You can also be smart and check the airport flight plan – check on which day the airline is flying to which destinations and pick a date to fit that ;). Cheating, I know, but hey, none of us would like to visit the same city in the same month, right? Have in mind also, that these are in general the cheapest seats and they might not include a seat reservation or cancellation, only hand baggage is included. You can of course book all that extra but then you just might end up at the same price as if you just book the normal flight ;).

Conclusion: this looks like a fun thing to do! If some of you have ever done it I´ll be glad to hear some reviews and comments on how it was ;).



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