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Which was your best trip so far? Where would you never go again? Where was it the most dangerous? Where are you off to next? We often hear such questions, but mostly it´s hard to find an answer to those. There is something great & beautiful everywhere, but we also often find things that could be better! If you would ask me what my dream destinations were 15 year ago, I would most probably say India, Tahiti, Laos, Rwanda and similar. Much of those we have been to by now (well, Tahiti is still waiting, but we´re soon off to an even better place and we´re very much looking forward to that). So, if we had to choose 5 places where we would go today and if there were no financial and time limits, the list would be something like this:


Very high up on the list for a looong time now. I know much about it already but somehow we never manage to pull it off and really go there. The main problem right now is the time, because we would probably need one month to see and do the things we want to and considering the current situation this is rather impossible if not utopic. But who knows, maybe we give up and pack it all in into 2 weeks after all one day ;). So, why Madagascar? Firstly, the wildlife, which is pretty awesome. Secondly, the baobab trees which I really want to see for some reason. Thirdly, because there are miles and miles of gorgeous sandy beaches. And last but not least – the island seems just undiscovered enough, but still safe enough to go there with a 4-year old.


We almost visited it last month, but decided so to say in the last weeks to change the plan and go to Finland instead, the main reason being less days off at work, so we wanted to go somewhere closer to home. Yeah, I know, a strange swap, but we still had a wonderful experience in Finland (although a very different one). Still, Panama is still hot! Why? Well, Costa Rica is becoming kind of touristy and so we think Panama has similar to offer and more – like the amazing San Blas islands for example. They just look like paradise. And we personally do not know anyone who has been there, that makes it always more interesting for us to go. Really cheering for this one ;).


For some reason we imagine this long south American country being very interesting – we might be wrong, but that´s not the point. Hills, mountains, vineyards, villages and beaches. Must be nice! Might be a little more dangerous, but with a little common sense and some luck everything should be okay. What would be even more exciting is, the Easter island! Probably because it´s a bit harder to get there and it looks really mystical. These two destinations are certainly harder toreach  than Panama let´s say, but at one point I hope we get to them ;).


Well, Alaska is like a synonym for pristine nature, isn´t it? Wildlife and nature at its best – nobody around except maybe a bear or two, catching salmon in the nearby river ;). Canada seems similar sometimes. I was lucky enough to visit Canada already, but it was so long ago that I would love to do it all over again! It is definitely a great family destination for the active ones! I believe we have to “sacrifice” one summer vacation at the sea and trade it for the sees and mountains across the Atlantic ;).


Africa is special and everyone who ever set foot on its soil can tell you that. Some like it more than the others but nobody can deny it´s greatness. And even though visiting Namibia and South African Rep. Gave me the chance to see wildlife from up close I still strongly believe, Botswana offers one a very unique experience. A very expensive one probably, but therefore there is no such thing as mass tourism. Keeping fingers crossed really hard to visit it one day!

Our wishes change from time to time and sometimes it happens that we wander off to some completely unexpected location, which was never in the game until the very last moment. We want to experience as much as possible and spend our free time actively. The more that I think the more I feel we should have extend our list to “TOP 10”. Well, if we would, we would probably add Bhutan, western Australia, Tasmania, Mongolia and some Polynesian little island to it. The world is beautiful! And in the last years we love to visit places that not many go to or at least not many we personally know. It´s impossible to see everything at once, but we hope to stay healthy and have just enough money to continue exploring one by one!

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