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So, this is how our living room looks like today! A strong cold made me stay home for the second day in a row, so I drag myself from the bed to the couch every two hours – with a new cup of tea, handkerchiefs, nose spray, tablet, my little paper notebook and 2 books. Yeah, those you see on the picture. Every now and then I pull out the credit card out of my wallet and book a hotel or a train and then I´m off to bed again and dream of snow for a couple of hours.

Yes, snow! Even though the winter has been on the calender for a while now, there are no signs of it. Here in Germany it has greeted us last week, but has again been hiding ever since. Therefore, I´m so much more excited about our next short 4-day trip to Switzerland at the end of January! There will probably not be enough time to ski, but we still hope for a real winter idyll. So, where are we going exactly? We´re flying to Zürich and catching a train to Zermatt the next day. On the third day we are hopping on the famous Glacier Express train which will take us to St. Moritz. By the way, children under 6 years of age do not need a ticket for it, which is another good reason for us to go there this year. We have a sleep over in St.Moritz and return to Zürich & fly back home on the fourth day.

Unlike the last years we are going to spend a part of Easter holidays on the snow. We are flying to Helsinki and after a short time touring the city, we are probably taking a long train up north to Rovaniemi. After we greet Santa (for those of you who don´t know – he lives there!) we are heading even more north, visiting Saariselkä, Ivalo and Inari lake in Lapland. Here we have a few days to relax and enjoy all kinds of winter sports & activities, we also really really really hope to catch a glimpse of Aurora Borealis! Later on we have to somehow come to Levi, where we are staying for a couple of nights and hope to enjoy skiing on the famous slopes. The only thing left then is a night train to Helsinki (again, children under 6 travel for free!) and fly back home.

I´ve been to Finland a loooong time ago, in the summer time. I remember we got bitten from all kinds of insects and there were flies everywhere, it got really crazy around the lakes – I don´t think the flies will bother us this time ;). We are already counting off the days! But I´m also really starting to feel we will be in desperate need of vitamin D, sunshine and warm weather once we get back – for now, I´m compensating a bit with setting a beach photo for my tablet desktop ;).

Okay, now i can go back to bed!

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