TUNISIA – 1 week autumn vacation

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Flying south to get some last sun before the winter comes was a great decision and it´s hard to believe that we only had to pay around 200€ for the flight and the hotel, for a week! We flew from Slovenia on a charter flight and booked the whole thing LASTMINUTE. It was one of those rare times I booked a holiday like that but this was decided under special conditions. Tourism was just developing and there were many new hotels being built on DJERBA, where we were situated. We could not stand a week just lazing on the beach so we did lots of day trips in order to see at least a bit of the country.

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Since it was kind of a last minute decision, we had almost no clue where we were going or what is there to see & do. Many went there just for the BEACHES, which by the way are (were) not sooo nice, just a normal sandy beach, sometimes a bit dirty, but usually nice in front of the hotels. We stayed at a smaller complex with small houses, we had a private terrace which was great for the evenings, there was a pool and a bar – basically everything one needs for a nice RELAXED HOLIDAY.

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On one day we took a taxi and drove to the bigger town of HOUMT SOUK and stopped a few times on the way. Some great SHOPPING there!

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A few days later we also went on a day trip all the way to the SALT LAKE CHOTT EL-JERID and on to DOUZ where we drove over the SAND DUNES in JEBIL NATIONAL PARK for some time.

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Next off, the mysterious towns of TATAOINE and GATTOUFA, which names were used in the STAR WARS MOVIES, although the scenes were filmed in the town MEDININE. We were surrounded by AMAZING LANDSCAPES throughout the day!

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We also got the chance to VISIT A FEW HOMES and took a look inside their living spaces CARVED INTO ROCKS. Pretty impressive!

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We visited also the famous place where they filmed Star Wars and were able to climb inside the caves and on the ROOFTOPS from where we got great views over the city.

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Back on DJERBA we took a day to visit the FLAMINGO PENINSULA and saw no flamingos, but had a great time at the beach and on the boat.

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So, if you expect warm sunny weather, relaxing on a beach with some optional day trips possibilities, great delicious cheap FOOD and lots of SHOPS, Djerba is a good place to go. Unfortunately tourism is again decreasing in the area and I also sometimes wish I had seen more of the mainland while I was there in the times when tourism was booming.

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