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The end of one calendar year or begin of a new year is often also the time when we START THINKING WHERE WE SHOULD GO THIS YEAR, how and where to spend the summer holidays, or Easter or where to go skiing and so on. Okay I know some people who have it all planned out already for the next year, but I also know many who just decide on the last minute. As I many times see questions on different forums if visiting a certain country in a certain month is a good decision or not, I thought of collecting some information and writing a post about where to travel to in which month, considering the weather conditions. It´s kind of a month-by-month guide, so if you are searching for an idea on where to go next, you might get one here!


Europe is mostly cold and grey, so if you are not a fan of winter fun in the snow this is the best time to escape to the warm CARIBBEAN, MEXICO, AUSTRALIA or NEW ZEALAND, where the weather is at its best! January is also a perfect month to visit ARGENTINA and CHILE and do some trekking in PATAGONIA. SE ASIA and the south of INDIA, as well as SRI LANKA are looking good this month with dry and warm but not too hot weather. In case you are more of a winter person, SKIING in AUSTRIA, ITALY or SWITZERLAND is always an option – head to Iceland or Scandinavian countries if you want to catch a glimpse of the amazing NORTHERN LIGHTS, but be prepared for the extremely low temperatures. Antarctica is best visited in January as the days are longer and warmer now.

Avoid Europe´s countries (except you are going for skiing), PERU, INDONESIA, MADAGASCAR & POLYNESIA because it´s a rainy season there now.




Head to PARIS for a romantic getaway weekend, go skiing to AUSTRIA, SWITZERLAND or ITALY, visit the carnivals in VENICE, RIO or TRINIDAD, if you want some sun check out the PHILIPPINES, EGYPT, INDIA, SOUTH AFRICA, SOUTHE AMERICA, AUSTRALIA or NEW ZEALAND. You can still catch the NORTHERN LIGHTS in Iceland & Scandinavia.

AVOID MADAGASCAR, INDONESIA & POLYNESIA as there is still the rainy season.

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The weather in southern Europe is getting much warmer and you can catch some sun in PORTUGAL, SPAIN, MALTA, CYPRUS, GREECE or ITALY. This is a great time to go skiing in FRANCE and the last chance to catch the NORTHERN LIGHTS in Iceland & Scandinavia, in case you still haven´t got enough of winter. There are dry seasons in the CARIBBEAN, MALDIVES and most of ASIA including INDIA – just before the monsoon starts. Also a perfect time to visit MOROCCO, EGYPT, UAE, OMAN, & JORDAN, because the heat is still bearable. Head to NEPAL – the snow has melted and the monsoon has not yet started.

AAVOID void places in the USA where they have Spring Break as it gets very full, as well as many countries who celebrate EASTER big time. KENYA and TANZANIA are not best to visit right now as there is much rain, same goes for MADAGASCAR, ECUADOR and PERU.




You can still go to MOROCCO and the ARABIAN PENINSULA, before the main heat kicks in. Catch the last skiing days in FRANCE and explore Europe´s southern countries. This is a great time to see the cherry blossoms in JAPAN and the tulips in the NETHERLANDS. NAMIBIA & SOUTH AFRICA are looking good, as well as some parts of US, like CALIFORNIA, FLORIDA & NEVADA.

AVOID KENYA, TANZANIA, ZANZIBAR and Amazon regions of ECUADOR and PERU. Some of more northern and central European countries get the most rain in April.

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A great month for cycling anywhere in SOUTHERN EUROPE, where you can already swim if the weather is nice. CROATIA, SPAIN, PORTUGAL, FRANCE, GREECE, MONTENEGRO, MALTA & ITALY are great. Visiting any of the EU countries is good right now, before the summer holidays start – try a road trip to some of the less known countries like ROMANIA, MACEDONIA, BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA, SLOVENIA, HUNGARY or BOLGARIA. Best time to visit MADAGASCAR, everything is green after the rainy season which just ended, CHINA, IRAN, NAMIBIA & BOTSWANA.

AVOID KENYA, TANZANIA & ZANZIBAR as there is still main rainy season. Same goes for most of SE ASIA, especially the parts around the Mekong river which can cause floods, besides this part of the world is now at its hottest.




Still a nice time to visit most of Europe, before the summer school holidays. GREECE, TURKEY, BOLGARIA and other SOUTHERN EU countries are pretty warm already and swimming in the sea is possible everywhere. North of Europe is warming up also, its a great time to visit the BALTIC STATES, SCOTLAND, IRELAND or ENGLAND. CANADA is also getting warmer as well as he whole USA, CARIBBEAN is still looking good. Safaris in KENYA and TANZANIA are looking more promising right now.

AVOID EGYPT, ARABIAN PENINSULA & MIDDLE EAST, MOROCCO and CENTRAL AFRICA – it´s just too hot. Also not the best time for INDIA, because of the monsoon. AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND is getting colder now and PATAGONIA is not the best place to visit either.




Europe is still popular with nice weather all over the continent. Head north to SCANDINAVIAN COUTRIES & ICELAND where the days are long and warmer now. It´s peak season in CROATIA, GREECE, ITALY and SPAIN, it´s also the best time to see lavender fields in southern FRANCE. Perfect time to visit some national parks in the USA, CANADA and ALASKA. In NAMIBIA, SOUTH AFRICA and BOTSWANA there is dry season now, it´s also the peak time to see the Great Migration in TANZANIA & KENYA. The summer months are the best time to visit BALI, because of the dry season.

AVOID parts of ASIA as there is still monsoon season, CENTRAL AFRICA, MIDDLE EAST & ARABIAN PENINSULA because of the heat.

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This is still the best time to visit the BALTIC COUNTRIES, RUSSIA and GREENLAND, ALASKA, CANADA, SCANDINAVIA & ICELAND, also SCOTLAND & IRELAND. CROATIA is at its peak season, just like the most of southern Europe, where this time of a year is the hottest.

AVOID SE ASIA, JAPAN, ARGENTINA & CHILE. Italy is very crowded since most of Italians have holidays in August.




CROATIA, GREECE, SPAIN, PORTUGAL and ITALY are perfect – the main crowds are already gone, the sea temperature is still warm enough to swim and the crazy heat is gone. Most of European cities and countries are still a great choice with nice weather. NAMIBIA, ZIMBABWE & SOUTH AFRICA are dry also. CHINA and most of USA are less hot, but still have nice weather.

AVOID SE ASIA and INDIA as there is still rainy monsoon season, typhoons can hit JAPAN. FLORIDA, CARIBBEAN & CENTRAL AMERICA have hurricane season.




Most of Europe can be getting cold and rainy by now. Great places to catch some sun are southern SPAIN, PORTUGAL with MADEIRA, CANARY ISLANDS, CAPE VERDE, MALTA, GREECE, TURKEY, CYPRUS, EGYPT & MOROCCO. Middle East and ARABIAN PENINSULA are our of the main heat now. Monsoon season is coming to an end so it´s a great time for a trekking in NEPAL and travelling to VIETNAM or MYANMAR. MADAGASCAR is also an option, as well as the MALDIVES, SRI LANKA and INDIA. Since the heat is gone, this is a good time to visit the deserts of the USA, the weather is getting warmer in ARGENTINA and CHILE.

AVOID SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES & ICELAND as they get grey and rainy and cold. It´s still hurricane season in the CARIBBEAN.




Nice to visit HAWAII, ARABIAN PENINSULA, EGYPT, MOROCCO, CANARY ISLANDS and CAPE VERDE. SOUTH AMERICA, NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIA are having nice weather right now as well as SE ASIA. SOUTHERN AFRICA is still looking good. Towards the end of the month you can go to a ski opening event in AUSTRIA, ITALY or FRANCE.

It is usually the worst month to come to EUROPE, being often grey, cold and rainy, the first snow falls usually in November. There are CHRISTMAS MARKETS opening at the end of the month and the holiday season in already knocking on doors.




Visit Santa in ROVANIEMI (Finland) and spend New Years Eve somewhere on the snow in Austria. All over Europe you will find Christmas markets, most of the nicest ones are in Germany. If you are looking for some sun head to India, ARGENTINA & CHILE or to the CARIBBEAN & CENTRAL AMERICA. AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND have nice summer weather. In Africa, the north is still okay, Senegal is also a nice pick.

AVOID CHINA, SOUTH KOREA, southern EUROPE because it is often cold and grey, and SOUTHERN AFRICAN countries because they are too hot.

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HAVE IN MIND THAT EVEN THOUGH YOU VISIT A COUNTRY IN THE RAINY SEASON or in the time of a monsoon, hurricane or typhoon season it does not mean that you will have every day hours of rain. Sometimes it just means there will be a quick rain shower for about half an hour and then the sun will shine again. Although Europe´s weather in summer is usually nice, there can also be a week of rain and colder weather and even though there is usually enough snow for skiing in November it is not a written rule. So, in the end luck also plays a role ;).

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