Back to “our” mountains!

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Why “our” mountains? Because we have been coming to this part of the country regularly for the last 10 years or so. Obviously I used to spend much more time here when I was still living in Slovenia, so since we are only visiting once or twice a year we try to always include some days in Kranjska Gora. We are not extreme sport persons, but we do like to hike, ski, cycle, run and similar. And for that, Kranjska Gora and surroundings is the place to be! In the past years we have done so many things and visited so many places to which we love to return but we also manage to discover some new sights every time we are here. Alpine valleys, mountains, lakes, the biggest Slovenian national park, rafting, ski slopes, Planica ski jumps, rivers, springs, waterfalls, natural reserves, mountain bike trails, children playgrounds, golf course, casinos, shops, hotels, museums, swimming pools, wellness, indoor sports hall and camping places – something for everybody! We still have some time left here and we are coming back next week again – it´s just around an one hour drive from Ljubljana, which makes it easily accessible even for a day trip.

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