Monday´s special: Stadtbad OKERAUE, Wolfenbüttel

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The recently renovated swimming pool complex in Wolfenbüttel, (Stadtbad Okeraue) is a great place to be in the upcoming school summer holidays if you are about to spend the holidays in the region or at home. As we all know, the weather here is rather unpredictable, but this complex found a great solution for this “problem” – it has a movable roof! Meaning, when the sun shines the roof opens and you can swim with a view on the sky, but as soon as it starts to rain the roof closes again. This is also why some simply call it an “Allwetterbad”. Additional to this there are swimming pools outside, set in a really nice green vegetation, giving you the feeling you are somewhere in the nature than in the city centre. There is much more on offer besides the pools.


The town of Wolfenbüttel is just about 15 minutes car drive from Braunschweig. Coming from the Braunschweig – Goslar highway, the easiest way to get there is to take the exit WF-Nord and from there on just drive straight towards the town until you see a gas station on your left and the Stadtbad on your right. There is a big parking space, free of charge for the visitors


Children up to 5 years of age can enter for free, older ones pay a bit less and adults pay 4,50€ for 2,5hrs visit. You can extend your stay and pay extra once you exit or buy a daily card for 6,50€. The complex is opened from 9:30 to 22:00 every day. There are many swimming and other organised recreational courses on offer. Besides the pools there is also a wellness part with sauna, a restaurant serving ice cream, drinks and snacks (they even have glass baby food!). You can also rent a canoe and use it on the Oker river which runs past the swimming pools or play a round of adventure golf. Directly at the swimming pools there is also a place for the motorhomes.



The inside area of the complex covers the baby and children swimming area with shallow warm water, a bigger “experience pool” with artificial water currents, underwater massage, waterfalls and rings for climbing. This part has also the very practical “cabrio-roof” as they call it. Divided by a glass wall on the other side you find another big swimming pool with 8 swimming lanes, where also the courses take part. From there you can also slide down a 83 meter long slide which is supposed to have some interesting light effects inside (we did not try that one yet).



You can either lay down on the grass around the swimming pools (there is also enough shade) or stay on the terrace. You can swim in the bigger pool with 6 swimming lanes, jump into a special jumping pool from 1m, 3m and 5m height or relax in the smaller pool with a special part where you can lie down in the water. From this one you can also swim back inside, so you do not have to go out of the water. Besides the swimming pools, you can play beach volley on a field with a net and your kids can enjoy the so called “mud playground” with sand and water features. The only down side of the outside area is that there is no special smaller swimming pool for babies and young children where they can stand.


Everywhere you look you will see something green, which is why we like it – it is also not too big and if you come after it opens in the morning there might be less people than in the afternoon.


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