Monday´s special: “LIEBESBANKWEG”, Harz NP

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Liebesbank weg is about 7 kilometres long and is known for the 25 uniquely carved wooden benches, all of them symbolising and representing love. Besides benches, there are also “poetry stones” and interesting wooden sculptures dedicated to specific occasions of love and wedded life. If that sounds too cheesy for you, just don´t pay too much attention on it and concentrate on the breathtaking nature. On the way you walk through the woods and meadows, by the lakes and (optionally) over the Bocksberg hill. In the winter you can also ski here, or you just take the lift up the hill and walk from there. Beautiful views over the Upper Harz await you from up there! There is also one camp site by one of the lakes (“das Kreuzeck Campingplatz”). You cannot get lost as there are signs everywhere.

If you are coming from the north you have to take the road to Goslar and follow the signs to Clausthal. Eventually you have to turn right to Hahnenklee and you are there. Coming from the south, follow the road to Osterode am Harz or Clausthal and watch the signs to Hanenklee later on. There are 3 parking places from where you can start your hike on the Liebesbankweg. The main one is in the town of Hahnenklee, one is in Auerhahn and one in Bocksweise.




We´ve walked all the way around in high snow once on a beautiful sunny day and it was very nice, although we did not see the lakes nor the benches – everything was covered in snow. That´s why I would suggest going there in the warm months when the day is long and you can see the trail in all of its glory. Better is during the week because it´s less crowded. If you don´t live too far away you can also do it on an afternoon after work, it takes a few hours to go around in peace – if you can, wait for the sunset!


Lu was almost 3 and he made it all the way around, we had to carry him a bit when going up the Bocksberg hill. Looked like he loved the woods and was happy just collecting wooden sticks on the way 😉 We saw some families with strollers – but you need to have a good one if you want to go all around, because the way is not paved. Plus, it will take you longer. If you think the whole 7 km is too much, you can park the car in Hahnenklee and walk just one part of it from there.


We started the walk at the Cafe Egerland and decided to walk in the direction of Bocksweise. Soon after you start walking you see the first lakes and a water channel along the forest path which eventually brings you to a very nice playground on a lake.



In Hahnenklee you pass by this amazing unique stave church (medieval wooden Christian church). They were built only in north-western Europe and this is how the first built churches looked like. Today, we find them mostly only in Norway, everywhere else they were rebuilt and replaced by the brick/stone churches, because the wooden ones were too small to take in all the people.


After you leave Hahnenklee behind, the path will start to ascend a bit, here and there you see the ski lifts and even walk under them.


Enjoy the views once you are up there, you can also use one of the benches for a mini picnic to rest your legs a bit. From here it goes down the hill again and cross a larger meadow to the last lake and you are back at the car.


As I already said – it´s worthwhile waiting for the sunset!


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