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I was just thinking what else can I write about when I am finished with the posts about our previous travels. Since we don´t travel all the time (like some people think :)), I will eventually run out of topics. Therefore I decided to start writing short reports about where to go for the weekend, for a day trip or just for one afternoon. This might not interest all of you, but those who live in the same area as we do might find it useful. We try to use the weekends with nice weather as much as we can and often make such little trips. As we are also still quite new to this part of Germany we are often visiting places for the first time. As I came here I could not really speak German and it always annoyed me because it was kind of hard getting information about our surroundings on English. I know that there are many foreigners and Germans from other parts of the country with families living here also and they might be in the same situation as we are.

Lets say I will only mention those places which are reachable within a maximum 90 minutes drive from where we are located. This should somehow cover the area of Hanover, Salzgitter, Wolfsburg, Braunschweig, Wolfenbüttel, Magdeburg and Harz National Park.

For now, I won´t be writing in German (that might happen when I get really bored), I guess everybody will understand my simple English. For all of you who live in a complete other part of the world – you can still look at the photos or just Ignore those posts in general 😉

I will do my best to post something once a week, lets say every Monday. So we can call it a “Monday´s special”. All those posts will go into the new category, which you can find in the main menu under “Destinations” → “Europe” → “Germany – short trips from home”.

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  1. Tina

    I follow you on Facebook and I love your posts. I live in the Braunschweig area and as a native English speaker barely able to muddle around with a little German it is hard to find details about local places to go in English. I love it, thank you so much :-). Also, I am still trying to figure out where you are from exactly. It seems to me Eastern Europe, and I like the fact that you are giving a first-hand/natives perspective of the area when you do your trips there. Great stuff!

    1. KAT

      hi Tina!

      Thank you for your words – had the exact same problem when I moved here 4 years ago and I´m glad some of you find it useful 😉 I am from Slovenia, a small country which used to be a part of Yugoslavia, but my husband is German (also not from BS area originally, so there is much new around here to him also). Thanks again!

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