Philippines impressions


Now that we´ve already spent quite some days on the Philippines we are able to share our first impressions with you. We had a great time in Anda, Bohol island, which was really peaceful and relaxing. The kids were running up and down the empty white sandy beach and jumping in the pool, competing who can swim longer, dive deeper and jump higher ;). After that we moved to the famous Alona beach on Panglao island, which is connected to Bohol with a bridge. It was far more busy here, with lots of shops, restaurants, tour agencies and and and. It had a bit of a party scene character, which was okay for a day or two, but then we had enough and decided to move on. Snorkeling and cold beers with grilled corn while watching sunsets were our highlight in Alona.

So far we can say we like this part of the Philippines. I cannot exactly say the beaches are “to die for”, but I might be really spoilt in this sense ;). We liked Bohol very much, because it´s very diverse and there are lots of things to see & do, besides just swimming or sun-bathing at its beaches. It´s also very easy to get around and the locals speak good English in general. Here and there someone wonders where are the men in our company, but that´s about it. The food is simply delicious and not like we expected after reading some blogs/reports online before we left home. After some yummy day snacks we usually splurge a bit on a yummy fish dinner, possibly with a spicy sauce! So far we´re all healthy (knocking on wood!) and no one seems to be missing the home bed just yet ;).

We did not succeed to travel to Apo island today because the ferry schedules have changed on March 1st and they are not yet updated online. So the ferry we wanted to take over to Dumaguete was not there and instead of waiting for 7hrs for the next one, we spontaneously decided to take a ferry to Siquijor island. We will still try and get to Apo soon, hopefully we´ll have some days to enjoy swimming with the turtles! Fingers crossed for clear skies, we´ve had some clouds in the last 2 days ;).

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