Okay so now it´s for real – WE´RE LEAVING! It does feel a bit like we´ve just returned home and are again flying away, these 6 weeks since we returned from New Zealand & Pacific have just flown by. In case some of you still don´t know, “we” is not the usual “we” this time, as we are leaving Gin behind. He has to work, but my friend and her 5-year old son are coming with instead! We´re super excited to see how that goes ;). Starting our journey in Hanover for a change, flying via London to Hong Kong and spending some time in Macau also. From there it´s over to the Philippines! Here´s more about our plan ;).

We have already booked some accommodation and have a couple of things that we want to do & see in mind – we have really not done extensive planing due to the usual problem – lack of time. Anyhow, we want to take it easy and just enjoy. No doubt we are going to see a bunch of new things, none of us has ever been to any of these places.

MACAU: spending the first couple of nights in one of the world’s richest regions, the city which once belonged to PORTUGAL – therefore I hope to grab some of those yummy egg cakes for breakfast (even though I love Asian food!). On the photos it does look a bit like an Asian version of Las Vegas, with sooo many CASINOS and HOTELS. It is supposed to be very convenient to travel with a FERRY directly from HK airport so we´re doing that straight away after landing and customs.

HONG KONG: I´m SO excited about HK! I´ve only heard good things about it and some said it was even better than Singapore (which is kind of my favourite really). I´ve already checked some places to go to, if the weather is nice enough we will also try to do a SHORT HIKE somewhere on the surrounding green hills – there are lots of trails! And we´ve found some cool playgrounds for our boys. Oh and one more thing – we´re going to eat as much GREAT FOOD as we can and maybe do some SHOPPING ;).

After that we´re off to the Philippines! I can´t wait to jump into the sea again, watch sunsents at the beach and rest my brains ;).

CEBU: from HK there is a convenient direct flight to Cebu city, but we´re not staying long in the town itself. On Cebu we are most interested in taking a swim with the WHALESHARKS in Oslob (we were a bit sceptical at first, but reading various reports got us convinced). We are also flying out to HK from Cebu at the end of our trip.

BOHOL: the famous CHOCOLATE HILLS, the cute TARSIER, WATERFALLS, SANDY BEACHES and probably much more – we want to spend the most days on Bohol, but will try to stay at different parts of the island. We´ve heard Panglao is pretty packed, so we will concentrate more on other areas.

NEGROS: I think unfortunately, we will be just kind of passing through here. I found some wonderful spots on the island though, but we chose to stay a couple of days on Apo instead and as always – there is no time for everything.

APO ISLAND: this tiny little island is home to hundreds of turtles, or at least this is what we´ve heard ;). We´ll have lots of chances to see it for ourselves as we´re spending a couple of days here. I believe this is going to be the most relaxing part of the whole trip :).

We know there are some other beautiful parts in the country (like the rice terraces in the north or Palawan for example), but we don´t want to rush and just tick things off – we´ll have to come back to those some other time ;).

We expect Philippines to be quite cheap, especially compared to Macau and Hong Kong, we might be spending a bit more ;).

PLANE TICKETS: 450€ return/person (British Airways, Hanover – London – HK) and 150 € return (Cebu Pacific, HK- Cebu).

AIRPORT GARAGE: 95€ for 18 days

ACCOMMODATION: Macau and HK around 100€ per night for the 4 of us, the cheapest room we booked on the Philippines was 50€ and the most expensive 100€ per night for the 4 of us.

We have absolutely no idea how much we will spend for local transport, food (I keep hearing that food is really not all that tasty in the Philippines?!) and other, we´ll see how it goes ;).

For a change I am going to try and  put together some thoughts and post them here every couple of days so that all of you can read about what we´re up to!

Of course you can also follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM where we might post more photos. Hopefully the internet connection will be good – if not, it´s also not the end of the world, as we have just experienced on Cook islands where we did not have it for days. As always there will be also many longer posts with much information published right here once we get back!

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  1. Sapna Parmar

    Great post with a lot of details. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am also planning a trip to Hong Kong. This post is going to help me a lot to plan things before the trip.

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