review: TRUNKI portable car booster seat


Every parent who likes to discover the undiscovered with a rented car comes across some troubles at renting a CHILD CAR SEAT sooner or later. We have experienced many different scenarios – from the car seat NOT BEING THERE even though booked months in advance, to getting a very DAMAGED one and to the point where one of the world leading airlines LOST OUR HOME SEAT when we tried bringing it with to our road trip around Morocco. Usually the car rental companies charge around 10€ per day to rent a child seat (depends on the destination). So if we fly somewhere for 2 weeks and are planning to move around with a rented car, renting a seat will add much costs to the whole thing. This year we finally discovered A PERFECT ALTERNATIVE just before we flew to Portugal! Want to know what we´re talking about? Read on!

2 months before we flew to the south of Europe I bumped into this product online and the combination of a BACKPACK and a CAR SEAT was persuasive enough in the first moment. We bought the product for a bit under 60€ on German Amazon and it turned out to be a safe, practical and comfortable SOLUTION to a problem that always occurred at renting a child seat in foreign countries. So far so good – we just had to test it in the car ;).


BoostApak car seat is suitable for kids between 4 and 12 YEARS OF AGE – Lu was just 4 so it was the perfect time to use it and the size fit quite good – one minus thing was the WEIGHT – I believe he can carry it all the time ON HIS OWN when he is 6 ;). Otherwise everything seemed highquality-like, one can remove the cover and wash it and even before we really used it Lu was already loving it and was thinking about what to payk inside long before we left ;).


We filled Lu´s EVERYDAY BACKPACK he takes to kindergarten every day with his BOOKS, CARS, CARDS, BOARD GAMES, MAGAZINES and DRAWING BLOCK and packed it into the backpack place of the BOOSTAPAK. Once we got the rented car we left the BoostApak in the car and used Lu´s smaller green backpack to transport his toys to and from hotels.


There is also a practical net where we put some EXTRA CLOTHES just in case our bag gets lost or he has to change his clothes for whatever reason.


As in Frankfurt airport garage as in Porto metro stations for instance Lu was proudly carrying his new backpack around – as I said the thing is a bit HEAVY to carry for a 4-year old, which is one of the rare minuses. Other than this the seat was super and we are now happy to use it as a RESERVE SEAT in our second car. While on travels this is the PERFECT SOLUTION and the 60€ we paid for it has already paid off.


The seat is sold in DIFFERENT COLOUR COMBINATIONS and it makes also a great GIFT for young families who like to travel with a rented car! We are very happy with it so far and we´ll be happy to use the seat on our ext road trip again!

p.s. This is our first REVIEW we wrote and nobody paid us to do it – this post is based purely on our experience with the product and with the intention of spreading useful information towards other families who love to take road trips with young kids ;).

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